Hacking the SABRENT low cost AirPlay/AirTunes dongle for speakers

What device ?

SABRENT WIFI Audio Receiver¬†(WF-RADU) is a small, low cost (< 20$) WIFI AirPlay / AirTunes receiver used to transform any audio system with a 3.5″ line-in in a AirPlay compatible device.

Under which conditions ?

No hardware modification to the device.

What to expect ?

More control on the (chinese) device. Login in a remote shell, and be able to change parameters to the device, use it as a very limited but always-on server.

What were the pitfalls ?

The CPU used is very low end (MIPS 24K V4.12, with 240 Bogomips ;-). Very low onboard DDR (32MB).

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