Image format for the web, a real world example

Well, we all know about JPEG image format. It’s good, but not perfect. Yet, there is not much competitor to replace it. Why ?

Let’s see.

Advantages of JPEG

  1. It’s old, so all software know how to deal with it.
  2. The picture quality vs file size is good
  3. It’s what comes out of your digital still camera, so, like me, we don’t have time to rework the picture
  4. It can store metadata

Bad features of JPEG

  1. It’s lossy. Very lossy (and yes, I know there is a lossless profile in JPEG standard, but nobody use it)
  2. No alpha channel, no transparency possible
  3. No animation

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Hacking the SABRENT low cost AirPlay/AirTunes dongle for speakers

What device ?

SABRENT WIFI Audio Receiver¬†(WF-RADU) is a small, low cost (< 20$) WIFI AirPlay / AirTunes receiver used to transform any audio system with a 3.5″ line-in in a AirPlay compatible device.

Under which conditions ?

No hardware modification to the device.

What to expect ?

More control on the (chinese) device. Login in a remote shell, and be able to change parameters to the device, use it as a very limited but always-on server.

What were the pitfalls ?

The CPU used is very low end (MIPS 24K V4.12, with 240 Bogomips ;-). Very low onboard DDR (32MB).

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